solar system companies can take back their solar panels or other equipment from customers, the answer is generally no, once the equipment has been installed on a customer’s property.

In most cases, when a solar system is installed


it becomes the property of the customer and the customer retains ownership of the system. The solar company may retain some rights related to the system, such as the right to monitor its performance or provide maintenance services, but they would not have the right to remove the system without the customer’s consent.

However, if a customer has leased a solar system from a solar company, the terms of the lease may include provisions that allow the company to remove the system if the customer breaches the terms of the lease, such as by failing to make required lease payments. In this case, the solar company would typically need to obtain a court order to remove the system.

It’s also worth noting that some solar companies may offer buyback programs, where they will purchase a solar system from a customer who no longer wants or needs the system.

These programs are typically voluntary and the customer is not required to participate.
Morgan King

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